Pokemon Quest

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Dude you can change the time on your phone to refill energy. Use before they fix it. Edit: you can collect your daily tokens indeed, it will give you a warning you changed your time and it will set a new date and time for you. you can keep changing time after that, but the date and time wont change. Can we get a discussion video about the positives and negatives of going back to 151 Pokemon for Let’s GO? I’m wondering how they are going to explain evolutions of Kanto Pokemon being gone that wouldn’t make much sense to remove such as Porygon 2/Z, Lickilicky, Tangrowth, Golbat, Umbreon/Espeon, Magmortar, Electivire, Kingdra, and so on. How would not including these affect the Meta and everything else? I’m interested in other people’s perspectives on it.I agree with you on EVERYTHING in this video verlisify! You’re 100% right. Bulk up is absolutely THE BEST move in Pokemon quest. I love this strategy so much. I don’t know if I’m following the meta aside from using my bulk up mewtwo, but it is mandatory to use bulk up machamp or mewtwo. My other 2 Pokemon are venusaur with petal dance and 2 wait less stones and vine whip, and onix with rock throw and 2 scattershot stones and 1 wait less stone. I also value hit/ko healing, and some other healing stats help too. I also strongly recommend trying to get resistance to status conditions as high as possible, but i will say that healing is a somewhat higher priority. However I currently have a team with full immunity to status conditions, and i don’t miss being screwed over by status conditions at all. (I hated confusion) Also, i love critical hit stats (especially crit chance) and movement speed is something that shouldn’t be ignored. My teams speed is high, but it isn’t too spread out because they should be within about 20 to 25 speed points of each other, but if not they have problems with getting outnumbered by the time help arrives. I’ve gotten to the end of World 3, and I’ve had fun. Eevee, Shellder, and Growlithe took out whatever they encountered. Eevee’s All-Around Stats, Growlithe’s Offensive Power, and Shellder’s Tanking Prowess made a strong core. If I were to buy something, I would most likely get the $5 pack. $20 seems too much for me.