EA Sports UFC

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Languages : English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
Content Rating : Rated 12+ for the following: Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence
Size : 546MB

Simply the most intense fighting game on a mobile platform, EA Sports Ultimate Fighting Championship offers exactly what it says – high definition Mixed Martial Arts action. The game contains a lot of visually interesting elements that appeal to both the casual and hard-core gamer. The game starts off with the usual trainer sims and videos that get you geared up for the fight. One point to note is that this game is played online, so you will need an active data connection. The graphic design elements are extremely well designed and you can see how much the game has evolved over the years, especially when the graphics can be almost compared to the console versions. Intuitive touch controls offer extremely responsive reactions in the game, making it a gripping, exciting game, all the way to the last move. Tapping makes the character perform a light attack, a straight swipe becomes a medium attack and a diagonal upward swipe makes a heavy attack

. You can combine these actions to perform powerful special moves. Block is by a two-fingered hold, and swiping back makes you dodge an incoming attack. Choke-holds and submissions feature too, with a tap meter that pops up every time you have your opponent in a hold (or you find yourself in one). The knock out attack is surprisingly well designed, and features a lot of bobbing and weaving until you land that final shot. In some strange way, the feeling of kneeling over a downed opponent and punching them in the face is quite mentally relaxing. Bonus packs feature card collects, where you can get additional moves to upgrade your fighter’s skills to make them tougher. One great feature in comparison to other games is the lack of an energy bar system. This means you can fight all day long provided you are online. There is an optional ‘boost’ to enhance your fighter for one round, but that does not mean that you need to take a break every time you run out of energy. One of the major issues I found with the game is the significantly large size of the install file (425 MB) followed by an additional 120 odd files that were downloaded once the game booted up. But then again, if you are particular about a game’s interface, then this is definitely worth it. I wouldn’t recommend booting the game up unless you’re on Wi-Fi. The game is also quite resource hungry and can slow your device up. The phone also gets quite hot after a few rounds, so remember to take a break even if your character does not need a break. The game is free to play, but offers in-app purchases for upgrades and rewards which can also be unlocked. You can buy famous brawlers using in game currency – gold, which is an in-app purchase. If you’re happy with the roster of players, you won’t be spending much. Having said that, if you have a favourite brawler, ka-ching. The app is free to download and install from both app stores (iOS 7 and up, Android 4.0 and up)