7 Minute Workout

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The 7 minute workout app brings the best of convenience and exercise, all in the matter of the promised 7 minutes. The app delivers on its promise – A quick work out session that offers the most complete exercise routine, and then some. Being a health buff myself, I used to be able to put in at least 2 hours a day, 4 days a week when I was a student, and then when I started my career. Since then, as workloads have increased


I have found less and less time to hit the gym. And it is in this situation that the 7 Minute work out by Wahoo Fitness made a lot of difference. The 12 high intensity exercises combined with a continuous routine offers the ideal workout in the minimal amount of time. Although sceptical about how only 7 minutes would suffice, once I started using the app,

it became obvious that this app provides an accurate and effective work out – simply as promised. The app has a simple, yet eye catching interface, with a voice over system that speaks out instructions to you as each stage of the routine comes up, even over your workout playlist.

The app features specific instruction in the landing page, with links to YouTube videos for demonstrative tips and hints. The app features multiple routines, including the option to make your own routine that includes 12 of the core bodyweight exercises in fitness – simply swipe from right to left; all of which are designed to work in a specific order on the body for the ideal workout. Each of these exercises is only for a 30 second session, with a 10 second break before the next exercise. The app also allows